Custom Software Development

  • Tired of recurring software maintenance fees?
  • Tired of paying for software that only meets 50% of your requirements?
  • Tired of paying for functions you never use?

Maybe it’s time to explore a custom solution.  

A typical software development project follows these 4 phases: 

Phase 1 – the Discovery Phase.  This is when we sit down with your team and learn about your organization, your industry and project. We learn how tasks are performed and talk about bottlenecks in the process.  We like to be “the fly on the wall” watching and listening.  Not jumping to any quick conclusions about solving a problem, but learning.  Only then can we suggest the tools, technology and framework to meet your goals. 

Phase 2 – Define the Project.  This is where we define and thoroughly document the specifications. Typically, 80% of the project is planning. Once we agree on the plan and the specs, we’ll move on to phase 3.

Phase 3 – Prototype Development.  This is where we develop a simple working prototype to demonstrate the idea. It helps us ensure that everyone is on board with the concept, design and functionality of the software.

Phase 4 – Development.  We create an development environment where you can stay abreast of the project, review the time spent and work with the prototype as it begins to take shape.  The software is a like a clay project- constantly being molded into the final shape. You’ll be able to review and work with the prototype as it evolves.

We are part of your team from concept through production and we will remain part of your team whenever you need to tweak your custom software.

Programming languages that we use and support:

Database Development

Software development typically involves database development.  These are the databases we use and support:

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