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Our Experience

We have been working with Linux since 1994 when most people thought it was just another flavor of UNIX (Linux is UNIX-like, but it is not UNIX). Our experience with UNIX since the early 1980s, helped us to understand the advances and benefits of Linux over more conventional operating environments like Microsoft Windows. Over the past 25 years, we’ve worked with more flavors of Linux than we can list here. Many have since disappeared and many new distributions have taken their place. Let us just say that we will not be surprised by any Linux configuration that you might present to us.

The founder, Bill Calkins, is recognized as a world renown expert on all flavors of UNIX and Linux. Bill has literally written the book on UNIX system administration, in fact, he’s written and published 10 best-sellers and co-authored several others. We’ve trained hundreds of administrators around the world with our world-class training and mentoring programs offered through our affiliate, UnixEd. This experience funnels down to all of our consultants and can also be shared with your staff.

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