About Us

Pyramid Consulting began back in 1994 by UNIX pioneer and best-selling author, Bill Calkins. Since that time, we have worked with businesses and organizations around the world.  We invite a challenge and use these new situations to hone our skills and refine our knowledge in the UNIX/Linux environment. We don’t claim to know it all, but we certainly are your best resource for UNIX, Linux and Open Source. We are open minded, eager to troubleshoot, and committed to our work.

Our experience at nearly 300 different companies has prepared us for your environment. Why not take a few minutes of our time and let us listen to your concerns and ideas. We’ll implement solutions that will exceed your expectations. How do we know? Our clients have told us, and they are our best advertisement; just ask them.

Our Philosophy

We will help you source and install new equipment, but we don’t sell hardware or software. We are not interested is making you throw money at a problem and that’s why we only sell experience and talent.  When you need to purchase equipment, we will help you source the products, but we put your interests first.  We never receive commission or referral awards from vendors, because we want you to know- our advice will always be 100% unbiased and never influenced by a vendor payback.  

We are on your team when we go to the negotiating table with a hardware or software vendor.  We will work with you tirelessly to resolve vendor related problems. We’ve helped hundreds of firms like yours make sure they are getting the best value for their money.  Consider Pyramid Consulting a member of your team

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